Maintain the Sensors

Maintain the Sensors

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The most common sensors are found at the bottom of garage doors on both sides and their main purpose is to protect people from accidents by activating the reverse mechanism. The truth is that the family of sensors has expanded and the new garage door openers may come out with sensors that turn on lights in and around the garage, activate alarm systems as well as timers making the life of people much safer.Garage Door Repair Services 24/7 Services

Maintain the sensors to ensure your safety

  •  Sensors must be cleaned frequently because accumulated dust may keep them from working properly.
  •  The sensors that are placed on the two sides of the door must face one another in order for the reverse system to work well. In a different case, they won't sense the presence of a child or a pet when the door is closing down and most likely an accident would happen.
  •  Most wires of the sensors are visible and, therefore, it will be easy to observe whether they are properly connected with the opener or whether they are damaged.
  •  The best way to ensure that the sensors are in good working order is by testing their effectiveness. You would just need to place a chair under the door and press the garage opener remote to see whether the reverse system will be activated.
  •  Some sensors have one green and one red light, which can warn you when there is a problem to their communication and function. Check that they are working okay.

You should maintain the existing sensors at home in Lake Shore, but you must always get informed about the new ones that are introduced in the market of Michigan. Anyhow, it is prudent to do garage door sensors replacement frequently and update the system with new sensors that can detect the smoke or other dangerous substances in the property. Investing on good sensors and taking care of them may actually save your life.

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