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Learn more about r-value and how to choose insulated garage doors and why insulated panels are worth every penny. Scroll down for the tips.

Replace garage door rails with tougher ones

The manufacturers of garage doors use ever thinner rails, according to our experts. This makes this garage door parts prone to bending and damage. That is why if you have issues with your current rails, you should replace them with ones which are at least 0.062 inches thick if you have a door with average weight.

Make sure all metal garage door parts are made from galvanized steel

The galvanized steel has special coating which protects it from rust and corrosion. This kind of protection is extremely important as it works to extend the useful life of the garage door parts considerably. If any parts of the door are not made from this material, you should consider replacing them with ones which are.

Lubricating garage doors

Choose the right lubricant for your garage noise problem. Our experts suggest following the instructions in the manual on the proper application of a lubricant. Do not forget to apply some on the wheels and tracks and test the effect by pulling the door up and down. Remember to remove spilled lubricant.

Inspect cables for fraying and minor cuts

The specialists of garage door repair company in Lake Shore explain that the lift cables are under great tension just like the springs. That is why they should be checked frequently and replaced immediately if they are in poor condition. You should look at them from all sides beginning from bottom and going all the way to the top.

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